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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Game On is off

Well, I am taking a break from the Game On diet. I really dragged my team down on the last two rounds. It is hard to keep track of all the goals and rules when on vacation, travelling, and focusing on other goals so I am going to rejoin at a later date in another round. Each round typically lasts 4 weeks with a week or more between.
During the time off, I am going to ride my bike as much as possible and try to eat fresh, in season fruits and vegetables.
The pluses of Game On make me want to rejoin at a later date. I really enjoyed the commitment to keeping in touch with my friends who were sharing the journey. I am ashamed to admit that I am not as diligent about connecting since I don't get "points" for it. It takes a lot to motivate me and though I miss the interaction, I am not very proactive at maintaining it without the accountability that the points provide. I also enjoyed setting a new habit goal and trying to keep it. It is really more than a weight loss plan. It is just a challenge to keep all the balls in the air for each aspect of the game.
I am just not the kind of person who can or likes to keep track of every aspect of my life all the time. To me it takes some of the fun out of life to be tracking, counting, and fussing about so many aspects of life that the Game On plan addresses. It is useful to see my habits and patterns and how they affect my days but it is also pleasant to have a break from it. In my perfect world, I would eat like I did when I was young (and thin) and I would stay thin.

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