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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring in "the D"

Spring is a time for new beginnings.

It is better than New Years because the whole earth feels like it is being renewed. Because all things feel new, and because I don't want to be fat all my life, I have rejoined the journey to weight loss. (I had reached one weight goal, when my mom was diagnosed as terminally ill)

I am playing "Game On" with some friends. This necessitated picking a good habit to incorporate into my life. I chose going outdoors every day. I love the outdoors but sometimes I get so busy with house chores, homeschooling duties, laziness, etc. to get outside.
I rode my bike 25 miles last week. This was like paying two bills with one check or throwing two strikes with one pitch because on the "Game On" plan 20 minutes of exercise per day is required.

Someday soon I am going to write about being side tracked, like I was when I went looking for an alternative to killing two birds with one stone to use in this blog.

Ah, well, back to spring, weight loss, getting outdoors and "Game On". "Game On" is based on a book "The Game On Diet" that has a plan for losing weight and changing your life. My friend M told us about it and two weeks ago eight of us joined in the friendly competition. Competing to do better at positive life change is an interesting concept. It provides at least four good things. Camaraderie develops since communicating with your teammates and opponents earns points. Each player gets encouraged toward a healthier lifestyle. Accountability keeps us honest. And hopefully, we will all lose weight. Plus we decided on a prize before we started.

It is hard to tell who will win. Our team had the best score the first week and the other team beat us this week. Without sounding too kindergartenish, we will all be winners in the end for trying.

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